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Saxon Line Musketeers: Painting Notes

The painting notes have turned out to be more substantial than I had anticipated so they will retail at �2.50. I have also been waiting for supplies of Peter Bunde�s Brigade plates on the Saxons. I have now received these and I would like, once again, to recommend them to you. They are the perfect supplement to my notes and will provide you with the pictures which are presently missing from the notes. Each of the four plates on the musketeers/grenadiers deals with a specific regiment but Peter has intelligently organised them so that the four facing colours are covered and information is given about the 'twin' regiment with the same facing colour. If you do decide to order a plate let me know which regiment you are interested in and I will send you the relevant one. The plates retail at �5.50 or �7.50 bundled with the Calpe notes.

Code Description Price
S1 Saxon Musketeers/Grenadiers Painting Notes. �2.50
S2 Peter Bunde Brigade Plate 5 (Prinz Anton Regiment). �5.50
S3 Peter Bunde Brigade Plate 13 (Prinz Friedrich August Regiment). �5.50
S4 Peter Bunde Brigade Plate 38 (Konig Regiment). �5.50
S5 Peter Bunde Brigade Plate 42 (Von Rechten Regiment). �5.50
S6 Saxon Musketeers/Grenadiers Painting Notes bundled with one Peter Bunde Brigade Plate (please specify which one when you place your order) �7.50

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