How to Order

IMPORTANT: Please read the following before ordering.

Calpe Miniatures really is a one man business. I sculpt, mould, cast, pick and pack the figures you order myself. For the foreseeable future this will remain the case. This means that I cannot promise customers a fast turn-around service. I send your order when I can. If your order arrives on a day when I happen to be packing, you may receive it within 24 hours. On the other hand if your order arrives while I am making a run of production moulds, a particularly intensive and exhausting process, you may have to wait up to two weeks for your figures. If you cannot wait for your figures Calpe Miniatures will not suit you. I can only assure you that your order will be dealt with as soon as I have a chance. No cheques are cashed or cards processed until the order is sent.

Please note that Calpe Miniatures closes down during the month of August. The last orders get sent out on the 31st of July and the first new orders are accepted on 1st September.

Ordering Methods

You can order the following ways:

You may find it useful to download and use this order form (Microsoft Excel, 21Kb).

Payment Methods

I accept all major credit cards as well as cheques. No cash please, especially foreign currency, because these transactions are always problematic.

Site Security

Neither this Web site, nor my e-mail address, are secure so please do not send card details. Phone, fax or post these in. If you want your card details kept on my database please say so because I need your permission to store this data.

Current Prices

Please note that the prices on the downloadable catalogues are sometimes out of date. Current prices are as follows:

Given the current cost of metal I cannot honour prices quoted in out of date catalogues should you use them by mistake. Please use the prices quoted above to calculate the cost of your order. Thank you!

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