Some of our favourites...

Triangle Miniatures: US distributor for Calpe Miniatures.


Brigade Uniform Plates: Peter Bunde's new site to sell his own excellent Napoleonic uniform plates.


Befreiungskriege 1813-14: Martin Kelly's blog. He built the Calpe Miniatures site, so it's a good place to check for insider information!

General de Brigade: Home of David Brown's brigade-level Napoleonic ruleset.

The Friday Night Fusiliers: Wargamers and painter discussion group with a worldwide membership.

Prussian Army Resources

Prussian Reserve Infantry 1813-15: Detailed article about the complex organization and uniforms of the reserve regiments.

Knotel Plates #1: Large scans of many Knotel uniform plates including Prussian soldiers.

Saxon Army Resources

Frederic Berjeaud: there is simply no better source for information on the Saxons.

Napoleonic Artillery: by Dawson, Dawson and Summerfield. There is absolutely no question though that it is the best book on Napoleonic artillery I have on my bookshelf and a must for anyone interested in the topic.

Inspiration for Painters

Kevin Dallimore: particularly his horse and musket galleries.

Steve Dean: particularly his Foundry Napoleonic French generals, staff and cavalry and Perry Dutch-Belgians.

David Imrie: particularly his Napoleonic Russian project.

Tom Weiss: particularly his Napoleonic Bavarians, French and Spanish.

Other 28mm Figure Manufacturers

Perry Miniatures: The Perry twins' range includes Napoleonic Brunswickers and Dutch-Belgians.

Front Rank Figurines: Alec Brown's figures are a good size match with ours.

Elite Miniatures: Peter Morbey's dynamic scuplts.

Wargames Foundry: Who hasn't heard of these?

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