Prussian Line Fusiliers

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Please note that these figures are not suitable for use as line musketeers.

Fusiliers wore a uniform very similar to that of the musketeers. The basics of the uniform; jacket, breeches and gaiters; were identical to those worn by the musketeers. Even though there were differences in the shako decorations as worn by fusiliers and musketeers; once the cover was tied over the shako; their headgear was identical. The most striking distinction of the fusiliers was their blackened belting; all straps belts etc. were black. These were white for the musketeers. Traditionally, fusiliers also carried muskets with blackened woodwork.

It is for the reasons explained above that most figure manufacturers do not bother making fusilier figures. After all, straps can simply be painted black to make fusiliers. However, they are conveniently overlooking two subtle, but important, disparities between the equipment issued to fusiliers and musketeers:

Lastly, fusilier officers carried sabres, while musketeer officers wore a straight bladed "Degen".

* The "belly pouch" issue has arisen as a result of a Knotel illustration showing a fusilier NCO wearing one. Fusilier NCOs did, indeed, wear a cartridge pouch on a belt at the front. It was a distinction of fusilier NCOs together with a small brass plate on the belt which carried the sword. They also wore marching boots. Only NCOs were allowed to wear these items.

Prussian Line Fusiliers: Command

Code Description
PF1Mounted officer wearing uberrock and shako
PF1bAs PF1 but wearing the forage cap
PF2Standing officer resting sword on shoulder
PF3Standing officer, pointing with sword and shouting instructions
PF4Advancing officer, sword pointing down
PF4bAs PF4 but wearing forage cap
PF5Advancing officer, shouldered sword
PF5bAs PF5 but wearing the forage cap
PF6Fusilier NCO
PF7Bugler (horn) standing
PF8Bugler (horn) standing
PF22Charging officer wearing uberrock (short officer's greatcoat) and shako
PF22bAs PF22 but wearing the forage cap

Prussian Line Fusiliers: Firing Line

Code Description
PF9Standing ready, legs apart and straight. Facing left
PF9bAs PF9, facing right
PF10Standing ready, left leg straight, right leg bent at the knee. Facing left
PF10bAs PF10, facing right
PF11Standing ready, left leg straight, right leg bent at the knee
PF12Firing, legs together
PF13Firing, legs apart
PF14Loading, taking round from pouch
PF15Loading, ramming musket

Prussian Line Fusiliers: Trail Arms

Code Description
PF16Right leg forward and bent at the knee, left leg straight back
PF17Right leg straight, left leg back and bent at the knee

Prussian Line Fusiliers: Advancing/Charging

Code Description
PF18Left leg forward and bent at the knee, right leg back
PF19Right leg forward and bent at the knee, left leg back
PF20Left leg straight, right leg back
PF21Left leg bent at the knee, right leg straight

Prussian Line Fusiliers: Special Packs

Code Description
PF firing line forage cap packVersions of PF11, PF12 and PF14 all wearing the 1813 forage cap
PF firing line bareheaded packVersions of PF9 (bareheaded), PF13 (balding) and PF15 (bandaged head)
PF advancing/charging forage cap packVersions of PF16, PF18 and PF20 all wearing the 1813 forage cap
PF advancing/charging bareheaded packVersions of PF 17 (bareheaded), PF19 (bandaged head) and PF21 (balding)
PF casualty packTwo figures one falling the other lying on his back

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